My name is Tagori Mazzoni Vilela. 

Living in Los Angeles since 2010 i'm originally from Brazil. I started my career in motion graphics in São Paulo, Brazil; where I worked for some of the biggest production companies and TV stations in the country.

I started out working as an illustrator and graphic designer for a couple years and in 2002 began working with animation. In 2005, I received a Bachelors degree in Advertising from PUC - São Paulo. upon graduation I dedicated myself to learning 3D animation in MAYA. After working for 2 years as a character animator, I relocated to Los Angeles in 2010 in order to take some classes at Gnomon School of VFX and take my skills to the next level.

Currently I work as a freelance motion designer, some of the places i work are:

Greenhaus GFX (

Coyote Post (

Big Picture (

The Woo Agency (

Davis and Goliath Agency (

The M Factor (

Hulu (